Monday, October 25, 2010

אחרי כמה ימ

אחרי כמה ימי נסיונות, הצלחתי להתקין ולהגדיר את #BPhone באייפאד ועכשיו אני יכול לחייג מהקו של הבית דרך האייפאד כשאני אונליין. נחמד.

Monday, October 18, 2010

היום הוא הי

היום הוא היום האחרון שבו אני מוגדר שלושים ו... ואין לי זמן להבין מה זה אומר.

Friday, September 17, 2010

What are the chances

from HelloTxtWhat are the chances that this stunt will work and someone at google MIGHT click "Accept"?

Installing BlunderDe

Installing BlunderDelay for Thunderbird. Got the following EULA: "You agree that I don't agree to anything." I Accepted.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

היום בצהרי�

היום בצהרים הכנתי עוף בקולה, כדי שנצליח לשרוד את החג. #עדייןלא

Monday, April 19, 2010

בבימה ברמת

בבימה ברמת גן - עכשיו הדג נחש.

Monday, April 12, 2010

What might Adobe do?

As you may know, Apple just (to put in simple words) blocked the next Flash version (CS5) from being a valid app development platform for the iPhone, iPad etc.
Now what can Adobe do now? Here are several options:
1. Adobe can create their own app store to compete with Apple's.
They can also support an existing app. store. If the store becomes successful enough, Apple will lose its grip.
2. Many reactions suggested that Adobe should discontinue its support for MacOS when releasing their products (i.e. Flash, Premier or even Photoshop).
This will be a huge blow to apple, as it's a major reason many businesses use Mac's for, but this move is unfair towards Adobe's Mac customers.
There is another option, though. Adobe can change the PRICING of these products, increasing the price of Mac products and decreasing the PC products (The PC version of Flash can compile MacOS executables, so the final result is not affected).
A move such as this will have an impact on SOHO's decision when looking at which platform to use when working with Adobe products. This is a less drastic measure that will still "hit" apple's business.
3. Another option will be to offer upgrades only for windows versions of Adobe's products.
You want the new version for an upgrade price? Use your windows-based PC (or buy the retail-priced version).
Such moves might impact Apple's market share in the PC business (or at least apple's stock price). The point here is that apple is risking a lot for the potential to earn a lot, which is okay, except that it's done on the community's expense.
I still hope these two companies will be able to sort things out somehow.